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Premise / Teaser

From beyond the grave, Grandma Mabel invites you to supper. This journey will go a lot further than over the river and through the woods.


Modern times, United States. Mostly like our reality, but some paranormal features.

The party members are related by blood, and hunted by both a governmental entity.

Character Backgrounds

You all share a common grandmother, Mabel McMaster, a project manager for the Defense Intelligence Agency in the 1940s and 50s. She had six daughters before dying in a car accident in 1970.

Which of her daughters you were born to will influence your background story:

  • Patricia (b. 1944) - cosmetics entrepreneur, married a lawyer, made a pile of money in NYC.
  • Deborah (b. 1948) - string of failed marriages, poverty, addiction, worked as prostitute/waitress in Detroit
  • Laura (b. 1952) - middle-class homemaker in Ohio, white picket fence, married to a welder
  • Kate (twin - b. 1953) - author, cat-lady, hippie, swinger, vegetarian pot-smoker in rural Indiana, married to the drummer for a regionally popular band
  • Jennifer (twin - b. 1953) - math professor at Harvard, divorced, small urban apartment
  • Carla (b. 1958) - literally won the lottery at age 19, traveled the world for 20 years, had kids with various fathers in various countries, brought them back to a dairy farm in Vermont to home school them.

You all have a supernatural/paranormal aspect to you that made you different, alienated (possibly to include Loner, Odious Personal Habit, Unnatural Feature). This alienation eventually resulted in the commission of crimes, and you've been doing your best to stay 'off the grid' by avoiding credit card transactions, phone calls, facial recognition cameras, etc.

Dead Grandma Mabel recently appeared to you in a waking dream, and urged you to find your cousins and come visit her -- in Santa Rosa, Argentina.

You've recently gathered at Aunt/Mom Kate's farmhouse in Ohio to discuss and plan.

Character Builds

These are 100 point characters with up to 50 points in Disadvantages.

  1. Pick your mom.
  2. Based on her birth year, choose a reasonable age for your character in 2017.
  3. Spend points on Wealth. It's possible that you have a wealth situation very different from your parents, but not likely.
  4. Write a paragraph background about your career thus far, in alignment with your Wealth.
  5. Write a paragraph describing the crime(s) you committed, and which law enforcement entity is hunting you. State police is a -20 point Enemy. FBI is a -30 point Enemy.
  6. Choose your paranormal Advantages (with an Alien or Lightning Bolt) icon. Max 20 points, must be approved by GM.
  7. Conduct the rest of your build normally (attributes, skills, equipment, etc)


What Happened